Abu Samra recorded the lowest temperature so far this winter at 4oC, the Qatar Met department said in a tweet on Thursday.

Wakra, Mesaieed, Turayna and Karana were next with a minimum of 7oC, followed by Sheehaniya, Mukaynis and Jumayliyah with 8oC, Al Khor and Ghuwayriyah with 9oC, Hamad International Airport area with 10oC, Qatar University area with 11oC and Doha (airport) area with 12oC.

The maximum ranged from 20oC to 25oC on Thursday, with Doha recording a high of 23oC.

Friday's forecast says it will be misty in some places at first, followed by moderate daytime temperature with some clouds, and it will be cold by night.

Some clouds are also expected in offshore in the early hours on Friday, followed by fine conditions later.

Friday's minimum temperature is expected to be 6oC in Abu Samra, followed by 7oC in Wakra and Mesaieed, 8oC in Al Khor, 12oC in Dukhan and 14oC in Doha and Ruwais.

The maximum, on the other hand, will range from 22oC in Dukhan to 26oC in Doha on Friday, according to the Met department.

The weather office had earlier said a cold spell is expected to affect the country during the weekend, marked by a "significant decrease" in the minimum temperature.

Meanwhile, the Met department on Thursday explained the Siberian High phenomenon through a post on social media.

"The Siberian or Asian High, a semi-permanent high pressure... over northeastern Siberia and central Asia, is considered the largest and most important high pressure system during the winter season," it said. The Siberian High is responsible for severe cold in large areas of Europe, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, where its impact starts in October and reaches its peak in January.