Motivating others is an ability that is very fulfilling. The motivational person helps people understand the hardships of life and how a common person can cope with and get along well with difficulties.

It is however also necessary for the motivators to be recognised and honoured for what they do for others. Awards and recognitions motivate the motivators and highlight the significance of the work they do for others.

Martha Anyait is a young woman from Uganda. She has been living in Qatar for over six years now. Since she moved to this country, she has been an inspiring personality for her community members. She is not only an active community and social worker but also a motivational speaker. She also cherishes her role as an empowerment expert and a life coach.

Martha was recently honoured with an award in recognition of her motivational attitude, welfare and volunteering work that she did with prominence during the novel coronavirus lockdown. ‘The Motivational Speaker of The Year 20’ award was bestowed upon her by Ricky Media, an entertainment brand based in Qatar.

‘The awards were about honouring and rewarding individuals who have made an impact in the community and who have achieved excellence in their field and made significant, observable changes or accomplishments,’ said Martha who has been very active on social media platforms particularly YouTube with her channel in Qatar.

The award organisers described how Martha has demonstrated an outstanding character and how she is a deserving candidate for the honour because she has motivated and enriched the lives of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves during their difficult times through her position as a volunteering community leader in Qatar.

Martha Anyait with the award

Being the secretary of the Uganda Community in Qatar (UGACOQ), Martha has shown her leadership quality and dedication as she devoted herself to selfless voluntary services for her community in particular and other expatriates in general. While mentoring many who reach out to her, she opened her Facebook page – Martha Anyait Inspiration – with the aim of motivating the world and sharing people's stories. She speaks at events and also empowers people in different ways including sharing job opportunities in Qatar on her YouTube channel.

‘I have done charity work and connecting people with jobs in different communities in Qatar during the pandemic lockdown. Many vulnerable people in my community got jobs through my channel in 2020. I reached to different employers myself just to seek opportunities for those who were jobless as the result of Covid-19 outbreak,’ she said.

The community worker further said: ‘I supported the community in various ways. For example, I am an administrator, a PR person, a champion of women empowerment. I have been organising social events, charity drives. During the lockdown last summer I was a part of food distribution campaigns in a big way with the help from the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, Qatar Charity and various other stakeholders.’

Martha is not only an active community worker but also a motivational speaker. She also cherishes her role as an empowerment expert and a life coach. ‘I am passionate about empowering people using any and all means within my reach such as social events, social media, podcasts, charity activities and more. Motivation reminds us to believe in our inner strengths to achieve our dreams by maintaining a positive self-image and attitude regardless of what we are going through in life.’

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