The representation mission of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Bangladesh has carried out multiple activities for Myanmar refugees and host communities, funded by the donations of charity payers in Qatar.
In co-operation with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), a new project was initiated to provide adequate shelter for the Myanmar refugees.
The construction of 100 shelters commenced at Camp 18 in Cox’s Bazar, following months of delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Responding to the outbreak, QRCS is promoting personal hygiene practices among the most vulnerable groups at camps, according to a press statement.
Together with BDRCS, QRCS has distributed 1,000 handwashing containers to refugee families at Camp 18.
The field personnel launched an awareness campaign to advise the beneficiaries on washing hands regularly with soap and water, given the fact that hands are a common medium for transmitting the virus from person to person.
A water well was dug by QRCS’s mission to secure drinking and personal cleaning water at the camps.
Another three water wells are being in progress at other camps.
Faisal Mohamed al-Emadi, executive director of the Relief and International Development Division at QRCS, emphasised the importance of QRCS’s humanitarian activities in Bangladesh, amid lack of services.
“Last year, QRCS offered $2.6mn worth of aid for those in need,” said al-Emadi.“We reached out to more than 728,000 beneficiaries with health, shelter, food, water and sanitation aid.”
He listed the operations done by QRCS in Bangladesh as follows: construction of water and sanitation facilities and collection of solid waste to preserve public health, improvement of healthcare services by deploying and operating a field hospital, training and remuneration for local medical professionals, distribution of food and nonfood items, provision of safe shelter up to the Sphere Project standards, and installation of solar lighting systems, the statement notes.
Other activities include the deployment of medical delegations in several vital specialisations, emergency winterisation relief for those affected by cold weather, flash floods or tropical storms, construction of water and sanitation at the quarantine facility operated by QRCS inside the field hospital, operation of two health centres at Camp E8 and Camp 19 to offer primary healthcare services, and supply of medications and medical consumables.

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