A spokesman for the FBI confirmed on Tuesday that agents in New York City had arrested Aaron Mostofsky in connection with the siege on the US Capitol by President Donald Trump's supporters last week, adding to a growing list of suspects who are facing charges.
Mostofsky's presence at the US Capitol was cited in a recent article by the New York Post, which reported that he is the son of New York Supreme Court Judge Shlomo Mostofsky.
The article also featured a video of Mostofsky dressed in a costume at the Capitol.
In an interview, the New York Post quoted him as saying: "We were cheated. I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump - I think it was close to 85 million. I think certain states that have been red for a long time turned blue and were stolen, like New York.”
Reuters could not immediately learn what charges Mostofsky will face. 
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