The results of the biennial election to the three apex bodies under the Indian embassy were announced on Thursday.

The presidents are: Dr Mohan Thomas (Indian Sports Centre), P N Baburajan (Indian Cultural Centre), and Ziad Usman (Indian Community Benevolent Forum).

The elections were held virtually this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The following were elected to the councils of the apex bodies: Indian Cultural Centre - Subramanya Hebbagelu, Afsal Abdul Majeed, Anish George Mathew and Kamla Dhansingh Thakur.

Indian Sports Centre - Rukkaiya Ahsan Ali Pachisa, T S Sreenivas, Sheji Valiyakath and Varkey Boban Kalaparambeth.

Indian Community Benevolent Forum - Rajani Murthy Viswanatham, Sabith Shaheer, Kuldipkour Navinkumar Bahi, Vinod Velayudhan Nair.

The election to the Indian Business and Professionals Council was deferred as it has been decided to examine the structure and functioning of the body.

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