The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) through its National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) made several achievements in 2020 while working on raising the efficiency of electrical and water appliances and equipment.
Tarsheed helped Qatar reduce carbon emission and bring down water and electricity consumption in all sectors. It made efforts to improve the efficiency of electricity and water use with the aim of achieving efficient gas use and financial savings.
While taking steps to reduce harmful carbon emissions and to combat climate change, Tarsheed implemented projects to diversify energy sources and encourage electric vehicles and set up solar photovoltaic systems. Kahramaa is set to operate bus stops in Abu Hamour and Kahramaa Park with renewable energy and looking to encourage farmers and the residential sector to adopt solar energy. Also, Kahramaa set up electric vehicle charging stations across the country as part of its efforts to encourage use of renewable energy.
The corporation joined hands with Katara and Qatari Diar and Qatar Children's Museum and installed 50,000 water saving faucet heads in government offices and mosques. Also, steps were taken to recycle ablution water in mosques for cleaning and irrigation. In order to bring down electricity consumption, Tarsheed prepared consumer guides for air conditioning devices and fixed specifications for home lighting. It also asked the public to update specifications of taps to minimise water use.
Tarsheed initiatives are being implemented in 22 different schools in the country to reduce electricity and water consumption. Tarsheed was launched to spread information and awareness while encouraging initiatives to reduce daily consumption of water and electricity. Also, it helps Qatar residents to make their homes, workplaces and lifestyles become sustainable, efficient and environmental friendly.
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