Qatar Charity (QC), in partnership with Unicef, is implementing 'WASH in Emergency Project' in communities and schools affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in parts of Pakistan.

In a press statement, QC said on Monday it is also conducting resilience reinforcement in at-risk vulnerable communities in District Faisalabad and Jhang Punjab. The four-month project aims to cover 100,000 beneficiaries in both districts.

The project is implemented in close co-ordination with Department of Health; Government of Punjab; Housing and Urban Development, Public Health Engineering Department; Local Government and Community Development Department; Punjab Disaster Management Authority; and District Disaster Management Authority.

QC with the support of Unicef installed 80 elbow-operated hand-washing stations in health care facilities, schools and community of Shokort and Faisalabad.

All hand-washing stations are equipped with sterilisation and cleaning equipment to ensure the use and maximum utilisation of the facility.

WASH committees were formatted for the sustainability of the project intervention

For safeguarding and handling Covid-19, QC provided 60 infection prevention control kits, 30 in Faisalabad, and 30 in Jhang.

For the sustainability of the intervention, WASH committees (60 in Jhang and 78 in Faisalabad district) have been formed to implement all water sanitation and hygiene project. These committees were oriented on the operation, maintenance and sustainability of the projects.

Some 20 electric water coolers, along with UV filters, have been installed in health and education departments, including 60 elevated Afridiv hand pumps for provision of safe drinking water in community and public places to prevent water borne diseases.

QC distributed 250 menstrual hygiene management kits and 11 WASH kits in schools. At least 10 key messages regarding Covid-19 symptoms and preventions were broadcasted on local dailies in four months while five bill boards were displayed on main roads, high ways, and in different road conjunctions.

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