PSA chief: Qatar is a pioneer in using technology in census
January 03 2021 11:25 PM
HE the President of the Planning and Statistics Authority Dr Saleh bin Mohamed al-Nabit being interv
HE the President of the Planning and Statistics Authority Dr Saleh bin Mohamed al-Nabit being interviewed by QNA


*Qatar at the forefront with electronic census: PSA

HE the President of the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) Dr Saleh bin Mohamed al-Nabit said that Qatar has scored an important achievement and has a pioneering experience in the online census, to become at the forefront of countries that adopt new technology to complete the comprehensive census project according to the highest international standards.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), HE al-Nabit said that the electronic census is carried out in conjunction with the field census, which is also uses the highly advanced technologies represented in handheld devices directly linked to administrative records and systems that help the enumerator to complete the data required for the census with ease, accuracy and complete confidentiality.
He pointed out that more than 190,000 people completed their data electronically via the electronic link.
"This is a very good number, and we look forward to increasing the numbers on the electronic census within the remained coming days of the census," he added.
He also stressed that the technological infrastructure in Qatar is greatly advanced, which allowed the PSA to implement Qatar's 2020 Census project in an ideal and unique manner even when compared with advanced countries in this field.
"We have advanced systems when talking about a technology-based census, but at the same time we are looking forward to greater progress," he said.
The online census is the census of the future and all countries are racing to develop this type of census, but there are differences in the methodologies of conducting it, some depend on the census by sample, and some conduct a complete census that includes every facility, building, housing unit and family so that the data is more comprehensive and modern, and this is the type approved in Qatar, he added.
HE al-Nabit pointed out that Qatar's experience in the electronic census is very good, and that it could be better, adding that their ambition is much greater than what they have done so far, thanks to the material and human capabilities of the state and the unlimited support for the technology and communications sector.
He added that they had hoped to focus on administrative records and building databases faster, saying that they are at a very advanced stage when compared to other countries in the region.
He added that they had hoped that the census would be fully electronic this year, but there are obstacles related to the response from families to this type of census, and most of them prefer to deal directly with the field enumerator to make some inquiries about the statistical form despite the presence of a phone number for inquiries and questions for those who provide the data electronically, and the ease of the electronic method.
Regarding the 2010 census, the PSA president indicated that it was a good experience in terms of relying on technology to conduct the census, paving the way for the 2020 census, which witnessed an important development in the statistical form and the techniques used in the handheld devices of field enumerators, as well as the development in connecting these handheld devices with the administrative records that contain the data of citizens and residents.
He said that the preliminary indicators of the census are very good and show high turnout, adding that it is because of the national awareness of the importance of the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishments project, as well as the statistical data they provide to serve development, in addition to the well-managed handling of field enumerators who have been trained and thoroughly selected.
The PSA president thanked all citizens and residents who completed their statistical data and co-operated with the authority in the implementation of this national project, calling on those who have not completed their data to do so either via this link, or by co-operating with the field enumerators during the remaining period that is due to end in mid-January.

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