The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) started Sunday the first phase of the Marine Environmental Monitoring Programme in Qatar for the year 2021.
The teams of the Monitoring and Environmental Laboratory Department in MME started collecting samples from the marine environment to analyse them and make the necessary measurements in several of the coastal marine water monitoring sites in Qatar.
The first phase covers 14 of the coastal water sites in various regions of the country.
During the collection of samples, the ministry's field monitoring teams included tourist, economic and industrial areas, as well as marine reserves and coastal areas that are frequently visited by people, as the marine field environmental scanning is conducted semi-annually, during winter and summer.
Field measurements and their results are conducted during the environmental and the marine field scanning, using the latest scientific and international devices specialised in field marine readings, and samples are collected from water, marine sediments and seabed soil.
The environmental laboratory analyses these samples to determine the characteristics and physical results of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen concentrations, pH, transparency of water, chlorine, etc, while chemical measurements are carried out through chemical elements, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and the chemically and biologically consumed oxygen.
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