Qatar Charity in world first branding programme
January 02 2021 11:27 PM
Qatar Charity


Qatar Charity has launched the Charity Partner (CP) branding programme — the association's largest social responsibility programme.
The programme aims to spread awareness in society of the importance of the social responsibility role of institutions and companies.
The CP mark will be put on the product of companies that supports charitable work.
In a press conference held on the occasion of the launching of the CP programme, Director of Customer Service and Marketing at Qatar Charity Abdul Aziz Jassim said that the programme is the first innovative certificate based on the principle of developing the charitable and development work system within legal frameworks and registered in accordance with international provisions.
He added that the programme is the first brand in the world to be awarded in favour of supporting charitable and development activities, adding that it contributes significantly to developing community partnerships.
He stressed that Qatar Charity has a great interest in the social responsibility of companies and institutions through its endeavour to build institutional partnerships and co-operate with many private sector companies to implement their humanitarian programmes and projects, calling on all companies to join the CP programme.
He added that companies' requests to obtain the trademark will be studied, and then place on the commercial products of the partners.
Ahmed al-Shirawi, Head of Resource Development Department at Qatar Charity, spoke about the objectives of the Charity Partner programme, indicating that it aims to activate the role of various institutions and companies, whether small or large so that they have a clear social role per Qatar Charity's goals.
He added that Qatar Charity will explain to the community members and the companies that it targets to be within this programme and give them the trademark certificate, which is the first in the world granted to companies in humanitarian work.
The Charity Partner programme has several benefits for sponsorship, including giving the humanitarian partner priority in the procurement process, providing them with free training courses through the expertise in Qatar Charity or co-operating partners, providing human resources for the partner through volunteers and volunteering hours, and providing social assistance for partner's employees and their families.
Qatar Charity seeks to expand co-operation to build sustainable charitable projects, establish social responsibility programmes and initiatives, enhance partnerships with local companies, and build lasting relationships based on trust and credibility with various individuals and institutions willing to do charitable work, based on its firm belief in the importance of social responsibility and its role in the development of society at all levels, to contribute to enhancing its positive impact on individuals and society.

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