Are you mentally flexible?
December 30 2020 11:30 PM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

There are many things that are not under our control, such as the  weather, political affairs, the reaction of the people around us, the seasons, and many other things, but what is in our control is our response and our reactions and that is the key to becoming mentally resilient. The guidelines to focus on is the shift in behaviour in order to become flexible, and there are some methods that help in this transformation that you will find in our article.

You know that change is a permanent thing: 

It is part of this world, and things may change suddenly, gradually or slowly, but in the end things change, and even strong and strong mountains happen to change, and change happens whether we like it or not. It may be difficult for some people to accept this, but just knowing and understanding this principle is part of the process for achieving mental resilience.

Try to see the bright side:

If some change makes you uncomfortable, then you should relax and think, is there anything you can do to fix the situation, taking into account your motivation behind it, and if you don’t accept that, it is better to accept the situation. Try to see the bright side in this situation, and it can also be seen as a motivation for you to do something different.

Talking about the matter as a normal matter is one of the most important ways to become mentally flexible, which means skipping the matter and not talking about it in a sad way and making things easy, and this is one of the very effective treatment methods that will help you a lot in the long run.
Find a healthy balance: 

The correct balance between the basic and remote elements is very effective, for example if you see yourself as a smart person, but you do not have the skills to express it, the effective balance comes after a number of iterations, and this number varies from one person to another ,based on the  personality and their learning curve.

Understanding communication: 

A person who has physical flexibility often has mental flexibility, although it is not a condition, but for example have you noticed that if you feel frustrated in one aspect of life then you will probably feel frustrated in other aspects of life as well, but  why not take advantage of this connection and make things easy, and then try to apply this concept in all aspects of your life, such as going to work in an easy way, and talking to people with a mind free of worries, and this not only speeds up your progress, but also  It helps you understand the relationship better, and makes you understand yourself and read things more logically.

Understanding the ego: 

We have different definitions of the word ‘I’ such as the psychological, spiritual, religious and other egos, and it is defined with emotions and ideas. You must put yourself aside and keep neutral.

Make a list, put yourself aside and make a list that shows the pros and cons in accepting change, but make sure that you put yourself aside, otherwise yourself will not allow you to make an intelligent decision!

* The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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