The Mahaseel Festival at Katara’s southern area, which continues to attract an increasing number of shoppers, is set to conclude Saturday and pave the way for the Mahaseel souq every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until March 31.
In a statement, Katara – the Cultural Village said the annual event offers a wide range of high-quality fresh produce from various Qatari farms, including poultry, milk and dairy, among other products.

Katara noted that the preventive and precautionary measures against Covid-19, imposed at Mahaseel, significantly contributed in ensuring the safety of staff and shoppers since its opening.
A number of ambassadors also visited the event, including ambassadors Dr Sisi Abdel Karim (Ivory Coast), Patrick Cornell Ahanda (Kenya), and Kim Chang-mo (South Korea), among others.
Katara Public Relations and Communications director Salem al-Marri said that the festival serves as “an ideal marketing platform as it displays the finest crops grown by Qatari farms” sold at reasonable prices.
He noted that what distinguishes these Qatari products is they pass through highest quality standards besides from being safe, which entices many consumers.
Al-Marri said the huge turnout of shoppers at the festival proved that Katara has succeeded in reaching its goal – to spread the culture of consuming local food and agricultural products.
Katara has been constantly receiving requests, whether from farm owners or the public, to extend the crop market.
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