Patriotism, resilience crystalise in art in resin medium exhibition
December 25 2020 08:56 PM
Katara exhibition
A visitor takes keen interest in the artworks. PICTURES: Thajudheen

Resilience is a new manifestation of Qatari patriotism. The country has successfully warded off the effects of the unjust blockade by being resilient and converting the challenge into an opportunity.
This spirit of patriotism was all visible during the recent Qatar National Day celebrations. An ongoing art exhibition – Crystal Art – at Katara attempts to promote a local product of Qatar in a creative way. The recently inaugurated exhibition is the initiative of Katara Art Centre and is a collaboration between Bluribon Design Atelier and Alazizya Chemicals Factory.

An artist explains about his creation

The group exhibition that will continue till January 10 includes the innovative ideas of as many as seven Qatar-based artists. Using resin as the major component in their creativity, the artists and organisers have tried to highlight the local products of Qatar. This exhibition is first-of-its-kind and the organisers aspire to encourage artists in Qatar to use resin in their artworks.

Batoola is a traditional facial covering

The artists taking part in the exhibition are namely, Abdulla Anwari, Ahmad al-Emadi, Bachir Mohamad, Fahad al-Obaidly, Lulu M, Mohammed al-Hamadi, and Muna al-Bader. The artists have dealt with different subject matters but the common thing among them is use of resin as art material. The subject matters that have been dealt with by the artists range from different souvenirs in Qatar, temporality of existence, pearl divers’ journey, Qatari dirhams, batoola – metallic looking facial clothing, cultural preservation and enhancement, to the unity of Qataris during adverse times.
Talking to Gulf Times¸ Mohamed al-Hamadi, one of the organisers, said: “The exhibition is there to support resin as a medium. The artists got support and material from the factory to produce these art pieces. We are showcasing different types of artworks that can be done using resin. The artists were free in choosing their subject matters that they want to highlight through creative pieces. We left it open to them. The exhibition is not united in them as much as it is united in material. We used resin to promote the locally produced materials and things.”
Bachir Mohamad, Syrian artist who curated the exhibition, said: “Usually, my work is all about Qatari culture and heritage. In this exhibition, I have displayed two types of works. One of them is Qatari dirhams. I am displaying them here with burgundy and white colours. As we are in the Qatar National Day celebrations, I chose these colours to highlight the spirit of patriotism.
“The other art is called ‘Tradition and New Tradition.’ Batoola is a facial covering traditionally used by Qatari women. It was a tradition but has gone less in usage with passage of time. However, there is a new tradition now. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are now covering their faces with modern mask that is a new tradition. Women are replacing batoola with mask.”

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