Ashghal local infrastructure drive marks stellar achievements in '20
December 23 2020 11:40 PM
A road to the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.
A road to the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) marked remarkable achievements in 2020 while implementing the local area infrastructure development programme. Several projects were completed and some others launched during the year.

In February, Ashghal completed development works of roads leading to Al Rayyan Stadium and the streets surrounding Al Bayt Stadium as part of Qatar's preparations for hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup. The roads were opened in order to provide smooth traffic in the area and facilitate access to the two stadiums.

The two projects play a pivotal role in providing direct links to the stadiums, facilitating access to the bus and car parks around them and connect many important arterial roads such as Al Khor Road and Al Egda Street as well as Dukhan Highway and Celebrations Street.

The construction of the main tunnel for the sewage network that will serve eight northern districts with a length of 17.2km were completed this year serving Rawdat Al-Jahaniya, Al-Thamid, Rawdat Iqdim, North Al-Nasiriyah, Bani Hajer, Al-Kharitiyat and Izghawa in addition to Al-Rayyan Stadium and the surrounding area. This provides sanitation connections and improving the quality of life, health and environmental conditions in the relevant areas.

Ashghal opened two streets and completed the infrastructure works in Rawdat Aba Al-Heran where two streets were developed along with service roads and four roundabouts to link various local areas. The metro stations also witnessed development works as Ashghal completed works of car and bus stops at Al Qassar, Education City and Al Wakra stations while parking lots of Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium (formerly Al Rayyan venue) were opened. Several roads that serve fuel stations in different regions of the country were also completed while the roads connecting and surrounding the Al Wakrah Central Market were thrown open to the traffic.

During 2020, Ashghal started a number of new projects as part of the programme. These include the Roads and Infrastructure Project in the South of Al Mashaf (Package 7) to serve 1,389 plots, and Al Kharaitiyat and Izghawa (Package 2) projects to serve 1,386 plots. Ashghal announced the commencement of the Roads and Infrastructure Project in Al Ebb and Leabaib (Package 4) which is located East of Al Shamal Road at Al Kheesa Interchange and West of Street 245 covering part of Al Ebb and Leabaib Area, South of Al Kheesa Road as well as a part of Jeryan Jenaihat Area to its North.

Ashghal also launched the West Semaisma (Package 1) which aims to develop internal streets in the area and improve local traffic safety as well as upgrade infrastructure facilities to respond to residents' needs and urban growth in the future.

In July, Ashghal signed nine new contracts for infrastructure projects for citizens' lands at QR 3.6bn to serve 5,111 plots Umm Salal Mohamed, Al Meshaf South, Al Ebb and Leabaib Mebirek, Al-Wajba East and Semaisma South.

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