According to Discover Qatar website, all passengers arriving on flights originating from the UK will be required to stay at one of the following dedicated quarantine hotels: Intercontinental Doha Hotel 5*
Mercure Grand Doha 4*

The website stated, “If you have already made your hotel reservation in a different hotel, and are arriving before 6am local time on 23 December, your reservation will be automatically transferred upon arrival.”

“If you are not on a flight from the UK you should not book either of the hotels for your mandatory quarantine stay in Qatar; you will not be permitted to check in unless your boarding pass states your journey commenced in the UK, and you will not be entitled to a refund,” it adds.

For arrivals up to 6am on 23 December any differences in the cost of original quarantine hotel will be eligible for a refund claim. After 6am local time on 23 December the passengers will be required to pay any additional costs between original hotel booked and either of the mandatory UK quarantine hotels, if there is a price difference. Equally passengers will be eligible to claim for a refund if their original quarantine booking was more expensive than the options available.

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