Quarantine requirements have been extended for all arrivals in Qatar up to February 15, 2021, according to information available on the Discover Qatar website.
With this, quarantine packages have also been extended until the said date for those who require hotel quarantine.
"For all arrivals, including nationals, residents and visa holders, quarantine requirements are now extended for all arrival dates up to 15 February 2021," the website says.
Quarantine packages were earlier extended until December 31.
Quarantine requirements will be determined by the country from which the flight departs and whether it is included as a ‘Covid Low Risk Country’ or not, the website explains.
People are advised to see the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) website for the current list."As this list can be revised at any time, we strongly recommend that you check this regularly for any changes that may affect your plans."
The website further states, "Please do not book a 'Welcome Home Package' until you have read all of the information on this page, you have approval to travel to Qatar, and you know what type of quarantine you will be required to complete.
"There is a daily limit on arrivals entering Qatar and demand is extremely high.
If you are searching for availability and no hotels are displayed, it is most likely that the daily arrivals limit has been reached.
You will need to choose another date.
"Discover Qatar is not involved with the Exceptional Entry Permit process and is unable to assist with any queries about your certificate."
Once a booking is confirmed, amendments to quarantine hotel packages cannot be made.
The website continues, "Once you have made your booking, it is non-refundable and the dates cannot be amended.
Please, therefore, do not book your quarantine package until you are sure that the details are correct.
"The only exception to this condition is if your airline cancels your flight, in which case you will be eligible to amend the dates of your booking once only.
Any new quarantine package booked will be subject to availability and the daily arrival limit.
Any differential on the package prices will be payable."


Exemptions from Exceptional Entry Permit process

Non-Qatari passengers are exempted from the Exceptional Entry Permit requirement irrespective of their nationality or origin if they are sponsored by a Qatari Company and the owner of the company (Qatari national) is traveling with them to Doha on the same flight.
There are no restrictions to the number of passengers that can travel with the Qatari company owner.
The owner of the company should hold a Commercial Registration (CR) which states the owners name.
The sponsor name mentioned on QID of the non-Qatari passengers should match the company name in order for the above exemption to apply.
Quarantine requirements will still apply to all members of the travelling party, and will be determined by the country from which the flight departs and whether it is included as a ‘Covid Low Risk Country’ or not.
Please see MoPH website for the current list.
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