Qatar University Young Scientists Centre (QU-YSC), in co-operation with the office of Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, is launching the National Science Promotion Programme (NSPP) to build and consolidate a research culture among the national youth. 
This new research grant is aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and will provide the research fields according to the national research priorities of Qatar. The QU initiative aligns to the goals set under the pillar 'Human Development' supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030 and promotes youth empowerment through research and innovation programmes.
Through NSPP, high school and university students will get an opportunity to conduct scientific research under highly qualified faculty members and scientists at QU. They will gain experience working in real scientific research and be trained in top-notch laboratories using the high-tech research facilities at different research centres and colleges in QU. It will bridge the smooth transition of high school students to the university, where they will excel in learning and scientific research.
The programme provides a unique educational environment for high school students entirely different from the school environment. University students from science and engineering disciplines will also join the programme to refine and improve their research capabilities.
To join the programme, the applicant must be a Qatari national in grade 10 or 11 in any of Qatar's schools, while university students must be at the undergraduate level from any science and engineering colleges.
Dr Maryam al-Maadeed, vice president, Research and Graduate Studies, said, "The launch of this initiative by Qatar University will reimagine students' role in the educational process and update them to world trends in research and prepare them to become the future leaders for the development and advancement of the country."
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