Qatar Natural History Group (QNHG) recently observed Geminid meteor shower. The group of enthusiasts took a one hour journey away from the city lights to observe the meteor shower. The shooting stars are caused by sand grain size remains left in the wake of asteroid 3200 Phateon’s orbit around the sun. As the Earth passes through the asteroid's orbit, these grains enter Earth’s atmosphere, burning brightly due to friction.
The day (December 14) was the shower peak. One needs very dark skies to observe the faint shooting stars. This year QNHG saw 100 plus meteors throughout the night. The photos show the rich night sky that is visible from less light polluted areas. Comparing this to the city sky, one can feel the impact of light pollution on wildlife. QNHG is a group of volunteers promoting understanding of Qatari environment, heritage and culture among residents for the past 40 years.