Fahad al-Kubaisi nominated for Hollywood Music Award
December 17 2020 10:07 PM
Fahad al-Kubaisi with the nomination plaque.
Fahad al-Kubaisi with the nomination plaque.

Hollywood Music Foundation has nominated the young Qatari artist Fahad al-Kubaisi for its annual award in the International Song category, with the song 'Yama Qolto Laki' (How often I told you). Al-Kubaisi expressed his happiness to be the only Arab artist nominated for this international award, local Arabic daily 'Arrayah' reported.
The popular Qatari singer started his journey to international fame through his participation in the artistic campaign 'I am presenting music to the Western world', which aims to present Arab music with its well-known tunes and famous instruments to the Western world without compromising its authentic identity. Through it, al-Kubaisi was able to participate in the Grammy Awards ceremony.
The Qatari song ambassador also competed for the World Music Album award with his latest album, 'Anti Ashaq' (You are my love). In a new achievement for the Gulf and Arab music industry, al-Kubaisi won the Golden Panther Award as the best Gulf artist, which is an international award given to the best singers whose albums have achieved sales success across the world.
His songs were broadcast on radio American and Canadian, and he was chosen as a sponsor in the presentation of 'Arab Music' within the activities of the annual global Pacific Voice Conference. The Hollywood Music Foundation honours original music in all its forms, "visual media including films, television, video games, commercials, promotional material, music videos and special programmes."

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