Ambassador of Costa Rica to Qatar Alvaro Mariano Segura Avila hailed the huge progress in Qatar in the different fields and the high level of development thanks to the good leadership of Qatar which has done an enviable job to lead this country towards peace and prosperity. In a statement to Qatar News Agency, the ambassador stated that the achievements of recent years have been very significant and have shown that the country has enormous potential and the citizens of Qatar should be proud of that. 
He added that the obstacles have been an impetus to place the country on a sustained path of development and to show the international community that the culture of peace that characterises Qatar is the best tool to promote dialogue and coexistence between the countries of the region. He praised the bilateral relations between the two countries, stating that Costa Rica and Qatar have always been countries linked with peace and security of their peoples. “Since the start of diplomatic relations between the two nations, respect and cordiality have been the most important points to strengthen co-operation ties and explore possibilities for shared growth for both countries,” he added. He said that interests to develop projects, contribute to the world with the process of decarbonisation and combating climate change are fundamental pillars to strengthen close co-operation between the two governments and allow development of partnerships at the level of the private sector that promotes economic growth in both countries.
He noted to the efforts of Qatar to contain the Covid-19 pandemic have yielded exceptional results as the mortality rate was one of the lowest on the planet thanks to the control measures established from the beginning. The ambassador of Costa Rica said that the authorities’ planning has been successful in mitigating the harmful effects on the economy, while at the international level, the aids that Qatar provided to many countries and to the international community have been invaluable in fighting the pandemic and keeping collateral effects to a minimum.

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