Ambassador of Mexico to Qatar Graciela Gomez stressed that Mexico and Qatar have close political bonds and share a commitment for fighting inequality and corruption, promoting education and protecting the environment, and as such they often defend similar positions in the United Nations and other international fora.
She stated, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that on June 30th 2020 Mexico and Qatar celebrated the 45th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations, adding that the cordial relations were further strengthened with the opening of their respective embassies in Doha and Mexico City in 2014, in addition to signing a number of agreements covering important aspects such as strengthening commercial and industrial relations and co-operation in the field of energy, air services and technical cooperation and other fields. These agreements form the basis of interaction between the two countries.
Ambassador Graciela highlighted the country’s celebration of the National Day, stressing that this occasion illustrate the pride felt by everyone living in Qatar. 
She noted the transformation and development experienced by Qatar, pointing out that Qatar is leaving a mark in the international arena and has become a global leader in various aspects, not only in terms of its vision and development but also in its commitment to build a better world for the next generations.
“I sincerely express my appreciation for the achievements of this brotherly country, and commend its determination to contribute to the development and well-being of other nations by means of international co-operation,” she added.
Regarding the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on all countries around the world, the envoy said that the health and economic impact will be felt for some time, praising at the same time the extraordinary way in which Qatari authorities have managed the situation and this is also the feeling of the members of the Mexican community here.
“Despite the complexity of the situation, the authorities informed with transparency about the evolution of the epidemic, put in place efficient ways to contain the propagation, implemented a sound control of the borders without closing the transit through the airport, put together a generous economic support package to protect employment and invested in a sophisticated tracing system that allowed for the gradual reopening of economic activity and in our transit to the new normality,” she said. 
She emphasised that Qatar’s successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic is reflected in the effects of the pandemic and also in one of the lowest mortality rates worldwide
She added: “In the international arena, Qatar has pledged generously to support efforts to develop a vaccine that can be available in a fair and equitable manner to all countries and has also co-operated with numerous countries to support their efforts to contain the pandemic.”
“In this regard, I am pleased to express my appreciation to the government of Qatar for its donation of medical supplies and sanitary equipment to Mexico, in order to support our fight against Covid-19,” she stated. 
In the economic sphere, the ambassador pointed out that only last year, trade grew 60% with respect to 2018 and in the first trimester of 2020, the exchanges were already 25% higher than those in the same period of 2019. She pointed out to the mutual cooperation through Qatar Petroleum, which has been present in Mexico since 2018, adding that they are working hard in order to diversify and increase Qatari investments in Mexico.
She stressed the mutual commitment to promote knowledge between societies through an ambitious programme of academic, cultural, artistic and sports activities, adding that they have partnered with the Qatari embassy in Mexico City in numerous joint activities aiming to encourage tourism and exchanges at different levels between the two countries.
The ambassador concluded her statement by saying that “finally, with the 2022 FIFA World Cup less than two years ahead, we are actively preparing our strategies to welcoming thousands of Mexicans - following on the steps of the Monterrey fans who travelled to Doha last December - who will visit the country to support our national team. We want to be ready to provide them with information and support so that they can fully enjoy their experience as well as the warmth and hospitality of the Qatari people.”

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