Mondrian Doha, managed by leading international lifestyle hospitality group, sbe, has announced the launch of ‘Collide a Thought’ exhibition, by renowned Qatari painter and sculptor Sara al-Thani. The event will run until December 17. 
Sara al-Thani has an international background, and a wealth of ventures in the arts scene, according to a statement issued on Thursday. She grew up in France and San Francisco, nurturing a passion for the arts since her childhood.
In addition to visual arts, Sara al-Thani is also a writer – she has written two feature films and is currently working on her third script. In parallel, she is pursuing a design-oriented career where she is currently supervising Education City’s gift shop merchandising where she brings her creative and visionary approach to the merchandise.
Sara al-Thani holds a degree in political science from San Francisco University, and in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. ‘Collide a Thought’ exhibition will feature eight key paintings, immersing visitors in Sara’s sophisticated and original view of the world. While some paintings showcase an explosion of colours and expressionism-inspired forms, others feature pastel and dark tones and elements of sculpture and collage, revealing the diversity and the complexity of her artistic approach. With this exceptional artworks’ selection, Sara al-Thani invites art aficionados to use their imagination and interpret her artwork to discover new senses and ideas.
The artist recalled that while scouting a platform to launch her new exhibition in Qatar, Mondrian Doha was her ideal choice. "With its inventive design, creative aura and art-oriented ethos, Mondrian is the perfect destination for my art which analyses paradoxes of human life and interactions. My purpose is to showcase a multitude of possibilities and suggest endless directions to viewers, giving them an opportunity to explore all of them in an autonomous way, and create their own interpretations and new understandings."
In her artworks, Sara al-Thani reflects both dark and bright sides of the world, picturing it in constant movement, emphasising the fluidity of destiny, which she compares to a pendulum – always swinging in the opposite direction. The centerpiece of the exhibition, 'Impression paradox', suggests that while the world can turn upside down and break our wings, there is always a chance for a phoenix-like rebirth – even after a devastating pandemic.
Chadi Farhat, chief operating officer at sbe group, commented: “We are pleased to provide a platform to such a brilliant artist as Sara al-Thani. Her art and her vision are in harmony with Mondrian’s identity – creative, bold, and dynamic. The launch of ‘Collide a Thought’ Exhibition marks Mondrian’s return as a leading player in the arts scene in Qatar, and we are determined to continue our commitment to unleashing the great artistic potential of this country."
Mikel Ibrahim, executive assistant manager, Mondrian Doha, added: “Art is one of Mondrian’s core pillars, and our successful collaboration with Sara al-Thani demonstrates that Mondrian Doha remains a hub for artists, attracting all creative people. The idea of rebirth, expressed by Sara al-Thani’s paintings, is particularly relevant for Mondrian Doha and the hospitality industry in general, as we all try to find the new normal following the pandemic."
The exhibition is taking place in the hallway leading to EllaMia and will be available for guests during EllaMia’s opening hours, from 7am to 11pm daily. To guarantee social distancing measures are respected, a maximum of 15 visitors will be allowed to view the exhibition at a time.
All Mondrian Doha outlets follow Qatar Clean safety, hygiene, and social distancing measures, including Ehteraz App and temperature checks at the entrance to the hotel for all guests, and mandatory face masks when entering or leaving all outlets.