Typhoon fighter jets of the Number 12 Squadron arrived on Wednesday in Qatar to carry out exercise 'Epic Skies.

Pilots of the UK Royal Air Force and the pilots of the Amiri Air Force will fly the Typhoon jets as one squadron for the first time in Qatar, in a bid to strengthen bilateral ties.

The pilots in the joint squadron will fly and maintain the jets side by side.

Number 12 Squadron was formed in 2018 as the first joint squadron of the Royal Air Force since World War II. Officer Commanding Number 12 Squadron Wing Commander Chris Wright said that they have made significant progress since carrying out the 'Epic Skies' exercise last year.

For his part, Deputy Officer Commanding Number 12 Squadron Air Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Al Ghanem said that exercise Epic Skies was unique this year.

He added that the exercise promotes stability in the Middle-East given it is a priority of the United Kingdom and the State of Qatar.

He also said that the joint exercise of the Number 12 Squadron will provide the State of Qatar with high capabilities in dealing with the joint security challenges the two countries face.