QNA Doha The technical team at the Department of Monitoring and Environmental Laboratory of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) paid a field visit to Al Thumama and Al Janoub stadiums, both are the World Cup 2022 venues.

The visit is within the framework of cooperation with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) and aims to enhance air quality monitoring in the areas of the World Cup stadiums and ensure the highest standards of ambient air during the World Cup 2022.

It comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation between the SC and the MME, especially in the field of measuring air quality in the areas around the World Cup stadiums.

A team of researchers and experts from the Department undertook a field tour inside Al Thumama Stadium to identify options available to select and create a suitable site for installing the ministry's stations for monitoring ambient air quality in cooperation with the SC, with the aim of enhancing ambient air quality monitoring and control and ensuring the best international standards for air quality in the country, especially in places of sport activities, events and international tournaments, particularly the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The ministry's team also visited Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakra to determine the best location for installing an air quality monitoring station.

The ministry will install the first station for monitoring air quality at Al Janoub Stadium as part of the Department's plan to enhance monitoring of air quality in the country and around the stadiums as well in preparation for the upcoming sports tournaments and the World Cup 2022.

The installation of air quality monitoring stations is expected to be completed in all stadiums in the country during 2021.

The visit comes within the efforts made between the ministry and State institutions to preserve the environment in general and air quality in particular.

It is part of a series of visits to determine the distribution of a network of monitoring stations in places chosen according to the best standards as part of the projects of the ministry's strategic plan 2018-2022 to monitor air quality.

It is also within the second national strategy for managing air quality and ensuring the preservation of ambient air quality in the country.

The visit came at a time when Al Thumama International Stadium and the rest of the stadiums in the country are nearing completion.