Qatar Charity (QC) has marked International Volunteer Day, which is observed on December 5 every year, to promote volunteerism, celebrate the efforts of volunteers and recognise their contributions to building a better society.
Qatar Charity pays close attention to promoting the culture of volunteerism by organising many voluntary programmes to engage people in charitable work, the organisation has said in a statement. It also allows youth initiatives to contribute to the development of society by providing them with the necessary support.

* Volunteer for Qatar: QC launched an initiative under the hashtag #VolunteerForQatar to contribute to the efforts made by Qatar to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The initiative received an "overwhelming response" from the people in Qatar, both citizens and residents, with the participation of more than 8,000 volunteers.
* Rescue Mission: Qatar Charity also launched the ‘Rescue Mission’ initiative, in co-operation with Qatari youth initiatives, as part of its relief campaign titled ‘A call of Humanity’ to support thousands of people affected by Covid-19. The rescue team includes members of five youth initiatives, namely 974 Event Management, Sanad for Community Services, Future Compass, Our Hope and Greener Future.
* Initiatives’ Challenge: QC is accustomed to launching the ‘Initiatives’ Challenge’ a competition in which voluntary youth initiatives compete to promote and finance community projects during Ramadan, with the participation of youths and social media influencers.
* You Deserve the Reward: Qatar Charity, in cooperation Qatari youths, launched the ‘You Deserve the Reward’ initiative, aiming to distributing Iftar meals and food parcels to workers and low-income families in the holy month of Ramadan in light of the discontinuation of setting up Ramadan tents due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Qatar Charity has allowed more than 100 influential youths to visit disaster-hit areas and crisis-affected zones in the last five years through a set of campaigns, initiatives, events, media programmes and humanitarian convoys, aiming to engage them in voluntary activities on the ground and promote the relief and development project, the statement notes.
QC designs volunteer programmes like ‘Khair Homes’ and ‘Restoration’, which are aimed at encouraging competition in charitable work.
Khair Homes is a competition for Qatari families in community entrepreneurship during Ramadan. Each household designs a charity corner at home and puts a set of materials like toys and sweets for children, in addition to some necessary items for adults. The profits are then donated to a specific charitable project chosen by the household from Qatar Charity’s project directory, which will be implemented by QC on behalf of the household.
The ‘Restoration Challenge’ programme for companies aims to carry out maintenance and renovation of houses of low-income families, in co-operation with community initiatives and the companies. The programme continues throughout the year by repairing and furnishing old houses adequately, aimed at improving the social, psychological and health situation of low-income families, and achieving social solidarity to ensure a dignified life for all members of the society, the statement adds.
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