Quality over quantity
December 03 2020 12:31 AM
Shefa Ali
Shefa Ali

By Shefa Ali

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who shall remain nameless. Some deep and powerful questions came up during our catch up, the one we ended our conversation with was ‘What does quality of life mean?’
It’s one of those really subjective expressions that can only be defined in a personal way. Quality of life for some people can mean putting their money towards the things that bring them joy: technology or travel. Some people will never EVER set foot in coffee shops, or fly direct if they can take connecting flights and save money.  
Quality of life for two people can be two very different experiences. So how can I even attempt to define it? Well, let’s start with the word quality. What a concept, huh? Genuine quality. Sadly, not so easy to find or afford nowadays. Good quality costs money. Let’s face it; mass-produced overseas disposable stuff is more affordable. So it’s up to the individual to decide where to invest in quality, and where to opt for good-looking albeit not unique or long-lasting products and experiences, but is quality of life defined by those things? 
Quality of life for me? I want to be able to put my head on my pillow at night and sleep peacefully, quality of life for me means living healthy and pain free. It means quality connection with loved ones every day. It means eating good healthy food, its means living without anxiety and fear. It means whatever the situation going on around me is, no matter how chaotic life can get, I have a deep inner wisdom that lets me know I’ll be ok. 
What does quality of life mean to you? Do you think spending more for authentic quality is a luxury? Where do you invest?  Would love to hear from you.

*The author is a consultant and coach. Instagram handle: @miss_shefa,  Website: missshefa.com

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