The Qatari Society of Al Gannas has been organising a number of fascinating falcon hunting competitions and related activities as part of the championship which continues until December 15 at Al Khor and Sbkhat Marmi Sealine Area.

The competitions cover both falconry activities and contests, in addition to Saluki dogs racing contests, and those targeting youngsters such as the young and aspiring falconers' contests. While the competitions have been going on well according to schedule, some competitions were postponed due to the weather conditions.

These competitions in all their categories are considered as warm-up activity for all the participants and as a way of early preparations for the upcoming main competitions, especially the Marmi Festival. They also serve as a way to test the level of preparedness of the falcons and the Saluki dogs and whether they need further training for the upcoming major events.

All the participants at this event have been keen to abide by the precautionary and preventive measures against the spread of Covid-19 such as wearing facemasks, keeping safe physical distance from others and displaying the green healthy code on Ehteraz App.

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