Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) has held an event for the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, to present programme details for students.

The event, sponsored by Qatar Petroleum Development Co Ltd and Dolphin Energy Limited, was aimed at communicating with students to urge them to join the programme and look for the most prominent training opportunities available, QU said in a statement.

Dolphin Energy general manager – Qatar Hassan al-Emadi said, “This significant training platform has been designed to enhance the skills of talented Qatari and international students, and we are delighted to join forces with Qatar University on this important initiative. By providing advanced and multi-cultural training opportunities, we hope future technical challenges will be solved and those taking part will graduate and develop into future leaders and contribute to their nation’s wellbeing. We are delighted to be sponsors and wish all the participants best of luck.”

In his speech, QU-CENG dean Dr Khaled Kamal Naji said: “We are honoured at QU-CENG to be Qatar’s representative of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. We will facilitate the enrolment procedures for various training opportunities in the participating country, to develop solutions to the challenges facing the organisation’s work plans and to enhance exchange between member states.”

"Qatar joined IAESTE in 2011 to prepare qualified graduates who are able to contribute effectively to areas they join and make a difference. QU-CENG seeks to cultivate the talents of its students with international experiences through this exchange. We seek to meet the challenges of student exchange in the countries of the region and enhance student exchange between these countries," Dr Naji added.

IAESTE is concerned with the exchange of students for technical work experience abroad, as students gain appropriate technical training through this organisation. It includes committees representing more than 80 countries, and seeks to connect students with employers in foreign countries, provide university students with technical expertise, and culturally enrich students and their host societies.

The organisation serves nearly 4,000 students, 3,000 employers and 1,000 academic institutions annually through professional training programmes focusing on professional life abroad and social and cultural reception programmes, international networks and other professional activities and brands in more than 80 countries around the world.

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