QU organises seminar on Shura Council elections
November 26 2020 12:37 AM


Qatar University (QU) organised a seminar in co-operation with the Ministry of Interior on the topic: Shura Council Elections and Future Vision. The event was attended by the President of Qatar University, Dr Hassan al-Derham, and a number of officials from Qatar University and the Ministry of Interior. 
The session included three topics: the first topic highlighted the membership and references in accordance with Qatar’s constitution by Dr Hamad al-Hababi, Assistant professor of Constitutional Law at QU. The second topic covered the electoral system – a comparative study by Brigadier Salam Saqr al-Muraikhi, Director of Legal Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior. The third topic was related to guarantees of integrity in the electoral process according to international standards and experiences. Dr Ali al-Ram, an expert in combating corruption and monitoring the integrity of legislative and municipal elections, spoke about it, and this session was chaired by Dr Noura al-Sahlawi, Assistant Professor of Criminal Law at the College of Law at Qatar University. In his speech on the occasion, Dr al-Derham said: “I affirm our interest at Qatar University in raising awareness and guidance in order to consolidate our democratic experience, the foundations of which were laid by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. The university president added that the announcement of Shura Council elections in October next year means the start of a new phase of the nation building process, to which we all must contribute: awareness, mobilisation, and education. The experience comes in according to the hope of the leadership and the aspirations of the people, which makes our seminar today important in reflecting and crystallising this rational national aspiration. 
Dr al-Derham said that the elections are the manifestation of active popular participation in the management of the nation’s affairs by competent and experienced people, who are chosen by the citizens to represent them, in accordance with a policy defined by the competent authorities which they appreciate according to the needs and requirements of society at every stage of its development. Further saying that our role, whether in university or in the ministry is to raise awareness and educate our society, through seminar and by conducting other activities with a view to making this an important national course a success. The president concluded his speech by stating that the announcement of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani that these elections will be held for the Shura Council in October of next year will represent a qualitative leap for the legislation in Qatar. The next Shura Council will have a leading role in expanding popular participation in decision-making, and its pioneering role in continuing the legislative achievements that keep pace with this period.

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