Entrepreneurs in Qatar stand to gain from a newly-launched portal dedicated to building a platform for startups, investors, mentors, and stakeholders to connect and collaborate, said Indian entrepreneur Dr Tejinder Singh. 
“Qatar’s startup industry is booming with brilliant digital transformation ideas, and the vision of 360nautica is to empower these startups and enable the ecosystem in Qatar,” said Singh, the founder of 360nautica, which is a venture and a growth capital platform with a focus on helping entrepreneurs grow from an idea stage to a self-sustainable organisation.
According to Singh, dohastartups.com is designed to be Qatar’s largest online platform that will help to bridge the exiting gap between the stakeholders in the ecosystem and create better possibilities of networking and collaborations between potential entities.
Singh said interested parties are welcome to register their profiles depending on their role within the ecosystem. In addition, there will be information about listings of mentors and coaches, startup pitch decks, angel investors, venture capitals (VCs), entertainment and networking events, startup jobs, and training events, as well as competitions and hackathons.
He said, “Anyone will be able to access the wealth of resources and be helping hands for others in growing their business ventures. 
As the portal continues to evolve with time, the registered startups will be able to have detailed and complete profiles that will be a paid service in the near future. 
This premium service will give a boost by creating a gateway for them to be visible in the region and reach investors and partners on a more global level.”
360nautica with its entities spanning across the Middle East, Singapore, and India is a registered company in Qatar and among the first venture builders in the country, said Singh. 
“We are partners with Microsoft for Startups, as well as Trescon Global, and are behind the remarkable success of many brands, such as, QTickets, QT Souq, BPO Plus, Karak Stop, leCoiffeur, Qatar Day, Sportsmonks 360Play, among others,” Singh said. 
Singh added: “We are really looking forward to the launch and believe that this will really enhance the ecosystem and be an enabling factor for all stakeholders…we are already the chapter owners for global programmes, such as Startup Grind, and will be launching many other initiatives and partnerships in the period ahead.”
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