Young people constitute the majority of individuals arrested for non-compliance of the preventive and precautionary measures against Covid-19, a senior official of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) told Qatar Television on Monday.

Major Massoud Jamaan al-Qahtani, head of Ehteraz unit at the National Command Centre, explained that the Ministry of Interior is keen to enforce the cabinet decisions regarding the preventive and precautionary measures against the spread of Covid-19, in particular regarding maintaining proper physical distancing among people in public places, wearing face masks when and where applicable and abiding by the maxim limit of four persons in one vehicle except for family.

To ensure compliance of all the applicable measures, the departments concerned at the MoI keep vehicle patrols in different places in addition to pedestrian patrols to monitor the situation, especially at the places of public concentration such as markets. These patrols are active round-the-clock for the safety and security of the people.

Major al-Qahtni pointed out that the role of the police personnel is limited to spotting the violators and then refer them alongside a report of the violation to the Public Prosecution to take the necessary procedures in accordance with the law.

Due to the increasing number of people spotted violating the preventive measures, the MoI has seen that it is good to announce these figures to remind the public that these measures are still applicable and must be followed strictly for the protection of all, the official added.