CRA publishes Spectrum Plan for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
November 21 2020 08:12 PM
Mohamed Ali al-Mannai
Mohamed Ali al-Mannai

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) Saturday published on its website the Spectrum Plan for the FIFA World Cup - Qatar 2022 to match with the opening day of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, which is going to be hosted by Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022.
The publication is in compliance with FIFA requirements to publish the Spectrum Plan two years before the start of the event by the responsible authority in the host country, the CRA said in a statement.
The CRA started the development of the plan last year by meeting with representatives of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), FIFA and a number of experts representing Broadcast Host. The meetings continued during this year to discuss the CRA’s drafted plan, and it led to accepting the plan details and various programmes. It takes into account all the aspects related to hosting this international event from the spectrum perspective, in order to achieve the desired success for the event before and during its hosting in Qatar, the statement noted.
During the development of the plan, the CRA ensured to take into consideration the crucial importance of the spectrum as essential for all wireless applications, and considered all spectrum requirements for a wide range of applications, that would be used by various entities representing many sectors visiting Qatar besides other national sectors. One of these sectors is the media, as different broadcasters, media and press members will come from all over the world.
The plan includes everything that can enhance the use of the spectrum in an authorised manner by giving the guidance to stakeholders and all parties concerned on the procedures to be followed for obtaining spectrum in Qatar, testing and tagging procedures, and the procedures that will be implemented by the CRA with respect to monitoring the spectrum before and during the event, the statement explained.
“We are pleased to translate one of the country's commitments to FIFA by publishing the related Spectrum Plan on time, two years before the start of the event. We hope to show everyone our preparations and work programmes on the ground before and during the event, in which we ensure that all partners will be able to use the spectrum ideally, in a way not less than the ideal image of this international event hosted by Qatar,” said Mohamed Ali al-Mannai, president of the CRA.
Al-Mannai thanked the representatives of the SC, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC, FIFA and the international broadcast service sector for their valuable efforts over the past period, which helped develop the plan. He wished the plan to be crowned with success and to be supported by all sectors in the country as well as all stakeholders who will be visiting Qatar in 2022 for the success of the historic FIFA World Cup.

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