A large bouquet of diverse and creative art pieces from international artists at Katara attracted art lovers who enjoyed and appreciated the imagination and techniques implied for the creativity.
The recently started exhibition – Melody of Art – at Katara Art Centre include as many as 72 art pieces by artists from Iran, Canada, Denmark, Mexico, and Ethiopia.
The art works on display include calligraphy, realism, abstract, landscapes, and modern art with different art techniques highlighting numerous subjects.
The exhibition attracted art lovers in considerable numbers even as visitors and organisers observed the Covid-19 related protocols.
Ambassadors of Canada, Iraq, South Korea, Brunei Darussalam and Albania were among the many present on the opening day of the exhibition.
The chief guest on the occasion was Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani.
He spent some time with the artists and appreciated the level of creativity and variety of paintings and other art pieces.
Speaking to Gulf Times, Mahin Lebmeier, art collector and organiser of the exhibition, said they had got together a diverse collection of creativity.“A majority of the artworks are of Islamic calligraphy, an art form that is very much appreciated in Qatar. The idea of having this art show is to bring a variety of art works from around the world for the enthusiasts in Qatar.
"There are works of some Qatar-based artists as well.”
She added: “The exhibition could not have been possible without the support of Katara. I am hopeful of getting such support in future as well to highlight the creative works for the people of Qatar.”
Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani expressed his happiness over the diversity of the art pieces on display.
He said the artworks made by artists from Qatar are of very high quality, opening a window to see the world from a different artistic prospective.“To tell the truth, the artworks showcased by all artists are very attractive. The presence of large number of people including diplomats and ambassadors shows the success of the event.”
Canadian artist Lamia Awad, whose work of showing Doha skyline obtained a lot of attention, said: “In the skyline, the focus is on Doha Tower. The pattern symbolises the tradition and the colours stand for the modernity of the city.
"In Doha, you can find both modern and traditional architectures. This is the beauty of it. For my painting, I have used acrylic colours and collage. I have also used some recycled items to raise awareness about environment by using waste material after being recycled.
We can convert what is considered garbage into a beautiful art.”
Omer Berzinji, Iraq's ambassador to Qatar, expressed his happiness over attending of the exhibition.“Art is also a language of life. Life has different aspects such as political, social, economic, scientific etc. Art is a kind of language to express these aspects.
An artist can express any of these aspects through his creativity and talent. An artist can deliver his or her message by means of drawing a picture, making a painting, or preparing a sculpture. Art makes us enjoy life in a beautiful way. This exhibition has given us an opportunity to enjoy beautiful and diverse paintings here.”
Stefanie McCollum, Canada's ambassador to Qatar, said: “It is wonderful to start visiting Katara again. During such exhibitions, we get the opportunity to see new artists, we may not know very well. We also see a variety of styles and mediums, and impressions of the art.
Everyone is respectful of Covid-19 restrictions but still is able to get out and enjoy this wonderful art show.”

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