The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced completion of implementing a network of roads, entrances and exits, with a total length of about 4.1 km to serve three petrol stations in Bu Sulba, Al Naqian and Sealine Road, within the road improvement project in Greater Doha South - Phase 6. These roads provide safe roads and entrances for users of petrol stations and regulated traffic around them. This project falls within the context of Ashghal’s plan to develop the existing road network and improve efficiency in different regions of the country.

Eng. Fatema Hussein Salat, project engineer at South Areas Section of Roads Projects Department, stated that Ashghal is keen to provide a road network surrounding Bu Sulba, Al Naqian and Sealine Road petrol stations to serve the users of these facilities, including visitors and residents of these areas and neighbourhoods.

Eng. Fatema Salat also pointed to that importance of implementing this project includes serving fuel stations, facilitating accesses, provision of road safety elements, as the new roads meet needs of road users in these areas and adjacent areas for safe and comfortable access.

The project works included implementing a 1.4km stretch of road to serve Bu Sulba station, a 2km stretch surrounding Al Naqian station and another 0.7km stretch serving Sealine Road petrol station with provision of lighting system, pavements, drainage network, protected utility lines of electricity and telecommunications, in addition to existing services within Bu Sulba and Al Naqian fuel stations.

It is worth noting that within Ashghal’s commitment to support local manufacturers and products, most works of the Road Improvement Project in Greater Doha South - Phase 6 were implemented using Qatari supply resources including various materials and elements such as lighting poles, traffic lights, concrete pipes, asphalt and other materials. The local products used in the project comprises 95% of total materials used.