An initiative to fence 50 wild fields (Rawdah) across the country has been launched by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment's Protection and Wildlife Department in co-operation with the Road Project Department at the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

The aim is to protect the greenery in particular during the rainy season and springtime when people go to the open desert more frequently.

The areas to be protected were selected carefully giving priority to fields and those with plant cover, especially with environmental and social importance and with rare and endangered varieties. Besides, fields were selected at various locations around the country with a focus on the high density plant cover at Al Shamal and Al Reem Protectorate. Most fields will be fenced off with pipes which allow pedestrians while preventing vehicle entry.

However, endangered fields, where planting operations are carried out will be fenced off with nets to close them completely and ban any entry so as to allow the plants to grow in the best possible way, as they represent a key wild plant seeds reserve for the country.