The Bedaya Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Centre), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, has forged a partnership with Innovation Café located at the Porto Arabia to provide local entrepreneurs the ideal platform to display and promote their products.
This partnership is a continuation of the pioneering and effective role undertaken by Bedaya Centre to support entrepreneurs by providing beneficial opportunities for small and home businesses to display and promote their products in one of the newest Qatari cafes in the plushest area of the country.
Under this agreement, Innovation Café employees will sell the displayed products in exchange for a nominal percentage according to the price of each product. This arrangement is cost effective for entrepreneurs as they to do not need to provide their own staff to sell their products.
Bedaya Centre also announced a set of terms and conditions necessary for displaying products at Innovation Cafe, which can be accessed by visiting the centre’s website.
Some of the terms and conditions include, one month participation for each entrepreneur, the products should be designed or manufactured in Qatar, all participating businesses must be licensed, and the displayed products must be packaged and presented in adequate shape and should be of high quality.
Highlighting the new partnership, Abdulla Faleh al-Saeed, board member and acting general manager of Bedaya Centre, said: “We would like to thank those in charge of Innovation Café for providing such an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to display and promote their products.
“This partnership is part of our continuous keenness to support small and home businesses and to supply the Qatari market with national products, which will contribute to a wider spread and reach for these products, especially in light of the remarkable development those businesses are witnessing.”
He added: “This partnership is in line with Bedaya’s goals to help young people strengthen their projects by providing a distinctive space to display their products at competitive prices and provide them with the opportunity to easily reach a larger segment of consumers, which contributes to the growth of their companies and the development of their businesses.”
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