LuLu Qatar has stressed its commitment to sustainability, taking real and demonstrable measures to protect the environment and contribute to reducing carbon emissions and food waste.
This week marks the fifth Qatar Sustainability Week 2020, organised every year by the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) to raise awareness about sustainability in the wider community.

File picture of Dr Mohamed Althaf and other officials and dignitaries highlighting one of the several real and demonstrable measures taken by LuLu Qatar to protect the environment and contribute to reducing carbon emissions and food waste.

The recipient of the Sustainability Award 2019 at the Qatar Sustainability Summit, LuLu has highlighted its efforts to promote environment-friendly practices in their operations and 14 stores in Qatar as well as in the wider community. LuLu is a member of QGBC and working closely with them on their projects.
“Sustainability is one of our key priorities at LuLu, not just as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility but also part of our commitment to the community,” said Dr Mohamed Althaf, director of LuLu Group International. “LuLu is deeply committed to reducing its impact on the planet and taking real and last steps to ensure this.
"As part of our commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030, we have been actively working to reduce carbon emissions, reduce food waste and promote healthy eating. But we have stepped up even further with a range of initiatives and proactive actions in our everyday operations.
“As an essential service, we believe the retail sector also has a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. This can be as simple as offering customers the choice of using a paper bag to carry their items or as large scale as ensuring that all of our buildings and stores use energy-efficient lighting.”
Dr Althaf also cited the company’s commitment to reducing and recycling packaging.
“Packing cartons and paper waste are one of the major waste products that are generated from our operations, so they are segregated and collected by approved recycling partners from all our outlets there by helping them on our mission to create an eco-friendly space for all. Collected cartons and paper products are segregated and converted into useful products that can be reused,” he explained.
Other demonstrable sustainability measures taken by LuLu in Qatar include:
* Championing the plant-based food options at LuLu, including a dedicated total area of 5,000sqm across all stores.
* Introducing both biodegradable shopping bags (made from potato starch) and giving customers the option of using reusable shopping bags. LuLu also introduced a 'borrow a bag' programme to encourage customers to think about reusable bags.
* Setting in place a policy around the correct collection and disposal of used cooking oil.
* Designing new buildings with energy efficiency in mind and shifting to LEDs from conventional lights. This strategy also includes the introduction of energy-efficient refrigeration units and bakery ovens.
* Educating staff about water usage and recycling.
* Working with LuLu’s local and international suppliers to reduce packaging and encourage recycling.
* Introduction of an innovative food waste solution named ORCA, which recycles food waste by breaking it down into water (mainly) and some carbs, fats and proteins, which are then captured or repurposed. This is currently being trialled at LuLu’s Bin Mahmoud store.
“We continue to work on a range of innovative solutions to encourage less waste and packaging. This includes the introduction of a 'refill' option in some selected grocery categories soon, enabling customers to bring back and refill containers when they run out,” said Dr Althaf. “This includes the introduction of waste recycling kiosks and a place where customers can safely dispose of used batteries.
“Commitment to the environment and to sustainability is part of LuLu’s DNA – we believe that you can offer customers an unmatched, state-of-the-art shopping experience while also working to protect the environment.”
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