* Project part of Road Improvement Works for Junctions and Roundabouts in Various Areas of Greater Doha (Phase 8)
* Almost 90% of project materials manufactured locally

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced the completion of upgrading works of roads leading to some sports and service facilities in Doha, as part of the Road Improvement Works for Junctions and Roundabouts in Various Areas of Greater Doha (Phase 8).
The project also involved the improvement of local infrastructure utilities and the construction of service roads as part of Ashghal's plan to improve the efficiency of the existing road network in Doha city, a press statement noted.
Khaled al-Quraishi, project engineer in the Western Areas Section of the Ashghal Roads Projects Department, said: “The project’s completed works involved the construction of 1.4km of new roads and the development of a service road, as

Khaled al-Quraishi, project engineer

well as upgrading and widening the existing local roads around Qatar Sports Club by adding more lanes to them, including Al Istiqlal Street, which has been expanded and improved through the project.
"In addition, two new roads were constructed; the first one links Al Istiqlal Street with the rear entrances of the club until Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex, while the second road connects Khalifa Street with Qatar Sports Club. Both routes will serve as two new entrances to the club along with the existing one on Al Markhiya Street.”

Al-Quraishi pointed out that “the project works have helped significantly in facilitating access to the club, not to mention the regulation of traffic within and outside the club. Through this project, we managed to reach the targeted traffic flow in the area, particularly while organising sports events at the club and the complex”.
In addition to upgrading Qatar Sports Club's road network and enhancing its connectivity with nearby main streets, the project’s scope of works involved an upgrade of the street lighting system and the installation of new lighting poles. Local infrastructure utilities were also rehabilitated and developed by constructing a 1km-long surface water drainage network and providing protection for the existing power lines, telecommunications cables and potable water networks, the statement noted.

The Roads Operation and Maintenance Department at Ashghal recently rehabilitated and repaired the asphalt layer of roads surrounding the back entrances of the club and the roads leading to Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex, over a length of 300m, in order to enhance traffic safety. This was in addition to paving and marking those roads and the surrounding sidewalks with the aim of streamlining traffic flow for visitors to sports facilities in the area.
"In line with Ashghal's strategy to support local manufacturers and Qatari products, and as part of the ‘Ta'heel’ initiative launched by the authority in 2017, almost 90% of the project materials were produced locally by Qatari manufacturers and used to carry out most of the project works. These local materials include lighting poles and luminaires, directional signs, surface water drainage pipes, asphalt, prefabricated manholes, concrete and reinforcement steel," al-Quraishi added.

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