The Maritime Customs Department at Hamad Port has foiled yet another attempt to smuggle 'tambaku' (chewing tobacco) into Qatar. According to a tweet by the General Authority of Customs (GAC), 1,644kg 'tambaku' was found in 274 packs concealed in refined salt shipments. 
In October first week, 49.5kg tambaku was seized at the port. The substance was found in 1,289 packs hidden in a consignment of bicycles. On September 28, as much as 2,122.5kg tambaku was seized at the port from 1,415 packs concealed inside a wheat flour shipment.
On September 24, GAC seized 1,653kg of ‘tambaku’ at Hamad Port. The banned substance was found stuffed in 1,102 bags hidden inside a shipment of cotton mattresses. On September 21, the Air Cargo Customs seized 27kg of tambaku concealed in a consignment of various foodstuffs. In August, GAC officials seized 2,152kg of 'tambaku' from a sugar shipment at the Hamad Port. The banned tobacco was found to be stuffed in 1,435 bags hidden in the shipment.
The GAC wing at Hamad Port is equipped with the latest devices and the officers are trained to thwart smuggling attempts.
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