S’hail, the international hunting and falcon exhibition has fast become a destination that attracts hunting and falcon lovers from across the world.
The popularity of the exhibition was obvious during the recently concluded fourth edition.
This year, the newest attraction was two SUVs modified and customised for the hunters, who plan to spend an extended time in the wilderness.
Sada Al Sout is a Qatari company specilising in car modification and restructuring.
The company displayed two SUVs – GMC and Toyota Land Cruiser – both modified in a way to offer multiple facilities to the hunters and campers during their long trips in desert away from home.
They have created special boxes and stands in the GMC to carry numerous falcons in one trip.
As far the SUV of Toyota, the company has provided a kitchen with all relevant necessities including a refrigerator.
Both cars were sold on the first day of the exhibition.
Talking to Gulf Times, Mohamed Wahba, sale executive, explained that the company name in English means 'the echo of sound'.
The company was established some 22 years ago.
The GMC, modified to carry falcons, particularly got the attention of the visitors during the exhibition.“There is place in the car to carry as many as 14 falcons. In Qatar, there are many people who have falcons in large numbers. We have added special stands inside the car for them. There is also a place for a big drone.
"Drones are also used nowadays during the hunting.”
Many new features have been added to the Landcruiser to facilitate campers.“There is a mobile kitchen in the back side of the car. We have added a water tank and tea or coffee maker. This car also has the capacity to provide lot of light for the camping.
"We have also added a strong carrier on the car roof. We have designed a new bumper that is lighter and stronger.”
“A majority of people in the Gulf countries use such heavy cars daily. They use the cars for hunting and camping purposes. We are a Qatari company and had the idea about what people want in these cars. I can say it with confidence that the car to carry falcon is a new idea and no one else has such a car.
"Hunters carry many falcons in a car and are always fearful of these very expensive birds getting hurt.
"We are satisfied with the response and we can customise any car according to the demand and requirement of the customer.
"All alterations and modifications inside and outside of the cars are in accordance with the relevant rules in Qatar.
“We have not made much of changes in the design. We have added material inside the GMC car.
Though we have changed the bumper of the Toyota SUV it is in accordance with the rules in Qatar,” Wahba added.
The company representative said they also have plans to prepare buses for tourism purposes in near future.“For tourism, we have an interesting idea of preparing a bus as many people do visit Qatar every year.”