“The volume of trade between Qatar and Argentina has increased three times in the last two years, highlighting the real strategic partnership between the two countries,” Carlos Hernandez, ambassador of Argentina to Qatar has said.

Ambassador Carlos, who will leave Qatar in a few days, said that the recent increase in the bilateral trade is related to the food sector. “We are food providers. We can take the fact into account that Argentina, a nation of 46mn, can provide food to people four times more than its population.”

Talking about the accomplishments made during his tenure of over two years, the ambassador said: “When I arrived, there were only two or three bilateral agreements with Qatar. In the first one and a half year, the number of bilateral agreements has gone up to 45. This shows that the relationship is good and active. It has a future.”

The bilateral agreements not only cover trade but all possible areas. “We have signed agreements in the areas of health, education, agriculture, visa waivers, sports, tourism, banking, culture, and aviation.”

The Argentinian ambassador said they have already prepared the bases for future bilateral co-operation. “Now is the time to start implementing the bilateral agreements. To give an example, we are going to work on the sports agreements. Our minister for sports is going to visit Qatar next year. We have already identified all the areas where we will enhance co-operation as far as sports and tourism is concerned. There are many projects in the pipeline but the Covid-19 pandemic has halted all of them.”

Ambassador Carlos also expressed optimism regarding the Qatari investments in Argentina. “We have one of the largest shale oil and gas reserves in the world but in a way unexploited. Qatar Petroleum is interested in exploring the gas reserves in co-operation with other multinational oil companies.”

Talking about his experience in Qatar, the ambassador said he viewed the place as a very generous country. “Qatar works with the UN very closely. They are always helping people in need. The blockade of the country is very unfortunate. Though it has provided the country with an opportunity to be self-sustained in many sectors, it is not good from the point of view of human rights. The blockade has closed Qatar’s geographical borders but has opened its diplomatic borders.”

He added: “Our stay in Qatar has been very successful. My wife and I have made lots of friends here. I am happy. We are leaving the country but not our friends. World has changed and we can stay connected.”

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