Al Shu'aa Reserve to be expanded
October 27 2020 10:34 PM
Al Shu'aa Reserve
Al Shu'aa Reserve PICTURES: Ram Chand

There is a plan to develop Al Shu'aa Reserve by doubling its area and adding more animals and birds, Abdullah al-Muraikhi, Central Municipal Council member - Constituency 25, has said. Al Shu'aa is located in Al Khor and Al Thakira Municipality.

"The current area of 13,000sqm will be doubled," he explained while elaborating on the development project. Al Shu'aa Reserve, frequented by families and children, at present has 14 species of animals and birds.

The reserve is home for ostriches, turkey, chicken, doves, pigeons, geese, ducks and quail in addition to Arabian oryx, gazelles, wild turtles, goats, dwarf horses and rabbits.

“The reserve is distinguished by the existence of permanent housing for the animals and birds. Proper continuous care is provided to them by the administration. Once Al Shu'aa is expanded, it would be even more attractive to visitors,” al-Muraikhi told local Arabic daily Arrayah.

The park in Al Shu'aa Reserve has ample green spaces with trees, children's play areas and solar-powered lighting poles.

The reserve was set up two years ago within the framework of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment's action plan to provide a space for the residents in the area to spend their leisure time, Arrayah added.

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