The Georgian Ministry of the Interior announced that the country's police managed to free 43 hostages who were held by a gunman in Zugdidi city's Bank of Georgia branch, west of the country.

The Georgian Ministry of Interior said in a statement that special security and investigation operations at the site have not ended and are still actively going on. They added that up to this moment, 43 hostages that were taken by the gunman were freed and were transferred to safe places by the police.

The Ministry confirmed on Thursday that the gunman left the building taking three hostages, including the local police chief.

A gunman in military uniform stormed the bank and asked for a sum of money. Negotiations between him and the police ensued, which continued until late Wednesday night and resulting in the release of most of the hostages.

Police and local authorities have not yet commented and requested not to publish unconfirmed information about the accident. (QNA)

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