The other day in a discussion my husband said to me ‘you put so much focus on words.’ I thought about it for a minute, and its true, I do. I am a lover of words, words are powerful. I think my obsession with words comes from my love for reading and writing, A long time ago I started paying attention to the words I say to others but most especially the words I say to myself. I strongly advise you never ever ignore the power of the vocabulary you use.

I believe the words we use have a great effect on the state of our well-being.

Some of us use such toxic vocabulary, the vibration of our neurology includes thoughts, includes frequencies, that are so toxic that even if you do positive visualisation, they are backed up by a vocabulary that is organically so negative that it’s a waste of time. So no matter how powerful and positive our visualisations are, if our vocabulary is fundamentally hostile towards everything we see, towards everyone, and towards ourselves you will wake up in the morning and be hostile, your first thoughts will be angry, you see your life as not enough, you see others as not enough. Your first reaction to everything will be critical; you can never be happy.

Clearly, any of us would do well to avoid words that promote those thoughts or reactions.  It’s a good idea to avoid three powerful words: blame, deserve and entitled. I have tried hard and am still trying to remove these words from my head, it has made a huge difference to my life. I challenge you to give it a go and try doing the same. Blaming others for anything automatically takes you out of the present and puts toxic perceptions inside of you.

Then there are the words we use with others, have you ever had that feeling? Maybe it was right after you said it, maybe it was a day or two later, but we all know that feeling of regret over words that we have said. Words fly out of our mouths so quickly, and we often don’t stop and think about what we have said.

The problem is you can never really take back your words, can you?  It is like trying to put superglue back into the tube. It doesn’t work. We can apologise and say nice words, but we can’t really take back the hurt we have caused.

We need to grow in the words we say.  We need to slow down and think before we speak. We all make mistakes, and we all have space to grow, lets be conscious about the words that come out of our mouths.