When’s the best time to eat fruits?
October 22 2020 12:36 AM
When you change your lifestyle, especially your diet, you will notice life-changing effects and thos
When you change your lifestyle, especially your diet, you will notice life-changing effects and those are rewards that make it all worth it.

By Reem Abdulrahman Jassim al-Muftah

There have been numerous discussions regarding the best time to eat fruits, and there have been various myths and studies that have provided varying facts. When it comes to these kind of issues where you are unable to get all the real facts, you have to revert to common knowledge, common sense and any scientific facts that may lead you in the right direction. I have always been under the impression that the best time to eat fruits is in the morning, on an empty stomach. I remember hearing it in a documentary and a few podcasts and just memorised it as an undisputed fact and applied it to my life ever since. I didn’t actually do any research but noticed the significant changes in my health so decided not even to look into it. So, what did I observe after following the rule of ‘fruit only on an empty stomach’ and in the morning?

I kept feeling lighter and brighter during the day and having good energy to start my day off. Then I noticed that I was always starving around 30-60 minutes after having my morning fruit. It made sense since our bodies burn the best early on in the day and that’s when we can optimally burn calories. Why not burn all that natural sugar as you start your day off and why not take that window of opportunity and eat the sugary fruit and get them out of the way and checked off your wellness list? So according to science, fruit potentially inhibits the efficiency of your digestive system when combined with other foods, therefore there is a delay but not necessarily bad. Some scientists say it is a good side effect as you feel more satisfied longer while your body takes its time, but I don’t support this view as I feel why mess with your digestion when you actually understand your body and how it works or what it prefers? Another scientific fact that needs to be mentioned is that fruit is easily broken down by our bodies and used for quick energy. Even smoothies work, but the same logic applies, have them on an empty stomach first thing. It seems like our bodies do not want to complicate things and prefer to digest fruit separately, making it the best food group to eat as a snack in between meals to give you that extra boost you might be looking for or an easy way to get yourself used to the guideline. So why not first thing in the morning when you wake up and need quick energy after that good night’s sleep you just had? Think about it, you can enjoy the fact that you started your day off with a healthy note full of bright and fresh goodness and that those yummy fruits are giving you your first fuel for the day.

I explained earlier that I noticed how I felt lighter and brighter, but I also notice how I would end up starving a bit after the fruit. Because I move around the house and the kitchen, making breakfast for me and my family and watching over my baby, I do realise how the energy has been used and seriously notice the feeling of low energy and a growling stomach. Therefore, I always have my main breakfast 30-60 minutes after my fruit. I usually go for simple oatmeal, some type of wheat bread with natural spreads or gluten-free options for a change. It is critical to maintain your healthy by eating enough for your body’s needs but simultaneously listening to it. I cannot ignore that I also drink water and hot water with lemon as soon as I wake up, so that may also add to the sudden hunger or increase in metabolism.

When you change your lifestyle, especially your diet, you will notice life-changing effects and those are rewards that make it all worth it. With this sort of morning diet, I started to notice how I felt less bloated after breakfast compared to my old ways. I also noticed how my bowel movements started to improve. Once you take the decision to take your life…I mean your health into your own hands, that is when you see the benefits and decide to be consistent. So start taking matters into your own hands and find your balance.

* The author is the wellness advocate and influencer @keys2balance.

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