Doha Municipality had decided to intensify its campaign against abandoned vehicles. The municipality has carried out 12,857 periodic inspections so far this year. While 7,824 seizure notices were issued, 1,895 were reconciled and 173 transferred to the police station concerned seeking the necessary legal measures. 
Hamad al-Shahwani, director of the general control department at Doha Municipality recently told Arabic daily Arrayah that a total of 8,100 abandoned vehicles have been spotted so far, with 4,100 in Doha and 4,000 in the Industrial Area.
A total of 3,484 abandoned vehicles were removed, including 1,583 from Doha and 1901 from the Industrial Area. “Several citizens and residents removed their abandoned vehicles after notices were issued,” he said adding that inspectors of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) conduct night and morning tours daily and weekly to monitor all infringements, minimise them at the earliest and respond to complaints. Besides, numerous campaigns are carried out in order to raise awareness and prevent violations.
“We are working to achieve the desired results and reduce violations. We have recently issued a booklet in three languages ??(Arabic, English, Urdu) to be distributed in co-operation with ministries and government agencies to citizens and residents to make them aware of the violations,” he said.
Al-Shahwani added that there is a co-operation between the municipalities and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to monitor throwing of waste from vehicles. This is monitored through cameras and the videos are transferred by the MoI to the competent municipality to impose penalties on the violators.
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