The representation mission of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in the West Bank and Jerusalem recently procured two vehicles for the ambulance and emergency service of Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS).
The two 2019 Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI vans costing $196,073 (QR715,666) are equipped with medical devices and supplies to ensure optimised preparedness and response, QRCS has said in a statement.
A co-operation agreement was a few months ago between QRCS and PRCS to procure new ambulances for an estimated 4,800 beneficiaries per year.
Dr Khaled Gouda, general manager of PRCS, said: “In the name of PRCS and its president and associates, I would like to express our grateful thanks to the government and people of Qatar, as well as QRCS, for their unwavering support to the Palestinian people at all times, particularly under the exceptional economic, political and health challenges facing our people. These fully equipped ambulances are one of the numerous forms of help provided to us by QRCS, through diverse health, social and relief projects."
Zeina Hamoud, acting director of QRCS’s representation mission in the West Bank and Jerusalem, said the support to the ambulance and emergency service is part of an integrated intervention scheme adopted by QRCS many years ago to build the emergency response capacity of its Palestinian counterpart.
In 2016, two ambulances were procured for Gaza, and the emergency stock in Jerusalem and the West Bank was supported. Another project was implemented in 2017 to support PRCS’s ambulance and emergency services with vehicles, medications and medical consumables.
She said another similar project to be launched by QRCS, which involves purchasing two more ambulances and covering the costs of their operation for six months, is under the 2020-2021 plan.
It is important to enhance PRCS’s ambulance and emergency service, as the organisation responds to large emergencies that result in many severe and mild injuries, the statement notes. This exhausts the emergency ambulances and resources.
Having the primary mandate of offering such services, PRCS needs to keep its ambulance system and rapid intervention plans ready to take action 24/7.
PRCS has 15 main ambulance centres in Jerusalem and other cities, with 180 ambulances, 348 first responders and 200 volunteers. It owns the only first responder institute in Palestine.
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