*Project aims to increase number of lanes from 2 to 3 in both directions

The development works of the B- Ring Road will be completed by the second quarter of 2021, well ahead of the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, according to the official website of the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).
The project is aimed at developing B-Ring Road and Al Khaleej Street, with a total length of 10km, and enhancing the streets' capacity by increasing the number of lanes on each of them from two to three in each direction.
In May, Ashghal stated that 30% of the development works of Al Khaleej Street had been completed while it achieved 27 % completion of the development works of B Ring Road.
Onaiza Street along with parts of the streets perpendicular to the B-Ring Road such as Al Matar, Wadi Mushireb, Rawdat Al Khail and Al Rayyan will also be developed. Entrance to Rumailah Hospital will be developed while traffic safety will be enhanced by providing street lighting, pedestrian and cycle lanes along with pedestrian crossings. The number of parking bays will be increased while landscaping works will be carried out. Infrastructure work such as installing a stormwater drainage system and the drainage network will be carried out along with developing the existing potable water distribution system.
B-Ring Road assumes importance as it connects a number of service facilities such as Rumailah Hospital, in addition to touristic destinations such as the National Museum of Qatar, Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif, Al Bidda Park as well as commercial establishments. The project area covers several Doha Metro stations and the works facilitate transportation between a number of vital destinations in the centre of Doha and the rest of the country.
Al Khaleej Street that records heavy traffic flow is developed in order to ensure better traffic flow. The street serves dense residential areas and connects directly to several major roads such as Salwa Road, B Ring Road and Unaiza Street. In addition, works to build a bicycle path of 1.2 km and pedestrian paths of 18.2 km and two pedestrian bridges on Al Khaleej Street are underway.
Ashghal said it has adopted measures to limit the impact of construction works on commuters and reduce traffic jams within the project area.