QFBA has launched the second cohort of ‘Al Azm’ to help empower the banking sector after Covid-19, which includes a set of specialised training programmes.
The first initiative was launched at the peak of the Covid-19 crisis and it targeted the business sector to enable it to deal efficiently with the challenges at the time. Some 415 participants have benefited from these programmes, including business owners, corporate employees, and others participating in various vital economic fields.
On the training programmes, QFBA Professional Training director Abdullah al-Jumaili said, “Given the significant impact of the banking sector on the local economy, the training programmes for Al Azm 2nd cohort are specifically designed to develop professionals who are able to provide qualitative additions for this sector to assure best practices in recovery and move towards more stable and adaptive stages of the crisis and to ensure opportunities for excellence in business and service continuity in those circumstances.
“What distinguishes these programmes is that they were initiated during challenging times for the banking sector to help restore its strength and deal with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. The programmes of this cohort were designed to meet important priorities of banks, and based on the need assessment, which was carried out in co-operation with banks to empower competencies and provide the necessary support to overcome these challenges.”
Qatar Finance and Business Academy is an educational and professional development institution, established in 2009, specialised in training employees working in the financial services sector in Qatar and provides higher education for students and graduates wanting to pursue a career in finance.
The Academy believes that such an investment is a key strategy to support a modern economy. It aims to raise the standards of the financial services industry and help organisations, professionals and students achieve their commercial, professional development and educational goals through building capacities and contributing to Qatar National Vision 2030, empowering competencies in the field of financial services in the country, as well as supporting regulatory bodies in designing and providing international certification programs and providing a high-quality training experience for professionals.