A new initiative implemented by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) allows companies to automatically renew the residency of employees through the Metrash2 application.
This was highlighted during an online awareness seminar on Metrash2 services organised Monday by the General Directorate of Information Systems (GDIS) at the ministry, in co-operation with the Public Relations Department.
The virtual seminar was attended by a large number of representatives from various companies and establishments. A presentation was made on the benefits of Metrash2 services for citizens, residents and companies.

Participants of the virtual seminar organised by the MoI.

Named ZeroClick, the new automatic residency renewal feature for companies was recently introduced by the MoI, the attendees were told.
“We have introduced a new concept for companies. In order to benefit from this service, a company is only required to register for ‘automatic residency renewal’ through Metrash2. The residency of employees is automatically renewed and IDs are delivered to the companies without human intervention,” said Ft Lt Mohamed Khalid al-Tamimi, an officer from the Smart Devices Section at the Electronic Services Department, GDIS.
The official said the number of beneficiaries of the Metrash2 service has reached about 2mn.
“The application offers more than 220 active services," he continued. "Metrash2 is available in six languages: Arabic, English, French, Malayalam, Urdu and Spanish. It guarantees safe and encrypted services and supports most smart devices, which contributes to reaching the largest possible segment of users.”
During the seminar, Ft Lt al-Tamimi also explained the procedures of transactions that take place through Metrash2, such as sending reminder notices to a user about the expiry date of documents, completing government procedures and handling errors automatically.
Regarding the registration requirements, he said the use of Metrash2 requires a valid Qatar ID card and a phone number registered in the user's name.
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